Ski areas sitting reasonably well for winter |

Ski areas sitting reasonably well for winter

Allen Best

Vail Resorts has 1,100 acre-feet of water in Eagle Park Reservoir for snowmaking. Last year, Vail and Beaver Creek used 850 acre-feet.

Breckenridge last year used 550 acre-feet of water for snowmaking, and this year it has that much in storage.

Keystone last year used 800 acre-feet last year, but the resort has access to 1,500 acre-feet by diverting water rom the Roberts Tunnel, which goes from Dillon Reservoir to the South Platte. The tunnel is underneath the Keystone base area.

Glenn Porzak, a water-rights attorney who represents most ski areas in the two counties, said Copper Mountain is also in good shape. The lone exception is Arapahoe Basin, which has never had snowmaking before. Whatever the water situation there is immaterial, however, as pipelines for the resort’s snowmaking system won’t be installed in time.

While earlier there had been questions whether enough water was stored to provide snowmaking, the three critical reservoirs appear full for snowmaking operations to at least match those of last year.

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