Ski blog: Big concerts, bigger snow in Vail |

Ski blog: Big concerts, bigger snow in Vail

VAIL, Colorado ” It was music, powder, music, powder, music, powder ” respectively ” this weekend in Vail.

Thursday night was Ziggy Marley. Friday was an 11-inch powder day. Friday night was Social Distortion.

And Saturday was yet another big day for skiing ” China Bowl and Blue Sky opened with the bounty of snow we’d gotten over the last couple days.

That opening terrain is, by itself, so expansive, most other ski resorts could fit inside it.

I got in line early at the Vista Bahn and got to the top of China Bowl as quickly as I could Saturday morning.

I skated through the gate with about five other people. We were the only ones up on that ridge. No one was in the bowl.

Looking down, there were a couple tracks, but you could easily find a fresh line all the way down Jade Glade.

The group to my right jumped one by one off the cornice as their friends behind them cheered them on.

I turned into the bowl with nothing but shining, untouched snow in front of me. I was immediately surprised by how deep it was. It felt bottomless. I think it was a little below the knee. My ski tips were just popping out of the snow as I leaned back.

My heart was racing from adrenaline and exertion both when I got to the bottom.

I took another lap, and then headed to Blue Sky Basin, which also opened Saturday. The snow was equally deep there. I took a few runs in Pete’s Bowl, and there were barely any lift lines.

Later, when the lines grew in Blue Sky, I headed down the mountain, took a bus home, showered and dressed really warmly for the Dummy Gelunde contest and Ludacris and the Roots.

The whole afternoon and evening, it kept snowing. My mind was alternately analyzing the meaning of the Ludacris’ lyrics and thinking about how big tomorrow would be.

Despite the late night, I was up Sunday morning at 8 and at the lifts at 9. Again, I headed for China Bowl, which seemed only slightly less deep and fresh than Saturday. Vail had gotten a lot of snow again.

I spent all day doing laps in China and Siberia bowls. My legs were screaming when I powered through the powder, but each time I got to the bottom, I thought to myself, “I can do that one more time.” And I did.

Just like that, the weekend was over. I limped into work today.

And I heard we’re supposed to get up to a foot of snow tomorrow. I’m hoping my legs can recover by then.

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