Ski blog: Vail’s even better than it looks |

Ski blog: Vail’s even better than it looks

VAIL ” I dropped into Headwall. It looked pretty good from above, but it skied really, really great.

That’s what happens when it’s been snowing almost nonstop for a week.

The daily snow reports have been amazing. I can’t remember the exact sequence of the numbers, but Vail has had 39 inches over the last seven days. Doing the division, that’s more than 5 inches a day.

Today’s report was 8 inches. I was a bit skeptical because there was less than an inch of snow on my car in East Vail.

But Vail really had a powder day today.

People were screaming, yelping, exclaiming in joy in the Back Bowls.

There was a bit of a line on Chair 17 because they were loading every other chair. Right when I got there, though, the chair had warmed up and they started loading every chair.

I dropped in on Genghis, which was amazing. There were still patches of untouched powder that I could carve through.

After another lap on Genghis I went over to Siberia Bowl, which was the best yet. It must have filled in quite a bit with wind, because it was deep. I was sinking way in at the top of the run. Definitely above the knee.

The little cliffs at the bottom of Siberia Bowls were so fun in the deep snow.

I wanted to keep lapping, but, sadly, I had to leave all those happy other skiers behind.

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