Ski bunny stuck in Margaritaville |

Ski bunny stuck in Margaritaville

Daily Staff Report

During the early days of Vail, Tiffany loved to be seen around the apres-ski scene in a one-piece, striped Bogner ski suit, unzipped down the front to reveal her ample cleavage.She never skied. She just liked to look like she did.One Friday afternoon, Tiffany was sitting around the bar at Los Amigos as several ski instructors plied her with a ever-ending procession of margaritas. Feeling the urge, she pushed herself up to her feet and staggered toward the restroom.Moments after entering the only stall, she passed out with her ski suit bunched down around her ankles. At the time, there was only one tiny unisex restroom. Barely enough room for one person to occupy at a time.So, after a while, a long line of impatient patrons started banging on the door of the restroom. When they failed to raise a response, they complained to the management.After several vain attempts to jimmy the lock, one of the waitresses finally managed to open the door where she found Tiffany passed out in the stall.She knew that she would never be able to lift her up on her own, let alone dress her, so she enlisted the help of one of the instructors to remove her.The two of them managed to get Tiffany to an upright position, pulling her Bogner suit up as far as her waist. As the two continued struggling with the dipsomaniac, the instructor accidentally leaned against the sink, literally knocking it off the wall.This sent an unbridled geyser streaming out of the water pipes, flooding the tiny restroom and the chi-chi restaurant below.Hastily, the two picked Tiffany up like a sack of potatoes. One got under her legs and the other, her naked topside as they hauled her through the center of the cheering crowd and out the door.About 15 minutes later, a squeaky-clean, middle-aged gentleman in a Scandia ski sweater sidled up to the bar and sat down. Clearly out of place amongst the rowdy collection of locals, he nervously scanned the room.Finally, he said to the bartender, “Excuse me. My name Herbert Llewellyn and I was supposed to meet my daughter, Tiffany here. Have you seen her?”The bartender paused for a moment, then replied, “Why yes, I just saw her go out the door about 15 minutes ago.”- Katie Gaylord, VailVail, Colorado

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