Ski country among lowest in the state in returning census forms |

Ski country among lowest in the state in returning census forms

Burt Hubbard
The Denver Post

Coloradans lagged behind their national counterparts in mailing in their 2010 census forms.

At Friday’s deadline for residents to send in forms and avoid a knock on their doors, only 67 percent of the state’s households had submitted them compared with 69 percent nationally. That ranks the state 30th in the nation.

In 2000, 73 percent of Colorado households mailed in forms compared with 72 percent nationally after all the returns had been tabulated by that fall.

Officials expect Colorado’s mail rate to rise between now and the fall.

“If they got their forms in the mail (Friday), they likely won’t receive a visit from a census worker,” said Census Bureau spokeswoman Deborah Cameron.

Several hundred census workers will descend on households that haven’t returned forms starting May 1.

Getting an accurate count can make a dramatic difference in the amount of population-based government funding the state receives. If the state is undercounted, that money will go elsewhere.

The response rates vary drastically by city, county and neighborhood, with higher-income areas generally posting the highest return rates and mountain towns the lowest.

Bow Mar, the upper-income enclave in Arapahoe County, had the highest rate among towns, with 86 percent of households submitting 2010 census information as of Friday afternoon.

Columbine Valley, Foxfield, Cherry Hills Village and Castle Pines North all exceeded response rates of 80 percent.

Ski country and sparsely populated mountainous areas had among the lowest rates in the state.

Only 13 percent of the town of Pitkin’s households had submitted forms. The Census Bureau in 2008 estimated the town contained 117 people.

Mountain Village, Winter Park and Grand Lake had response rates under 20 percent , while only 21 percent of Vail households had responded by mail.

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