Ski gear disappears from fancy hotel |

Ski gear disappears from fancy hotel

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BEAVER CREEK ” A routine trip to the bank proved to be a theft-recovery mission for a Ritz-Carlton manager last week, a sheriff’s report said.

According to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report, the manager was visiting a bank in Avon when he spotted a pricey pile of ski equipment outside the front door. The manager thought the equipment looked suspiciously like a $545 pair of skis, $230 set of bindings and a $175 pair of boots that had been reported missing from the hotel.

He copied down the serial numbers and was calling the Ritz-Carlton check for a match when he saw a company ski valet exit the bank and allegedly grab the equipment.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to the Beaver Creek hotel and met with the employee at the Ritz-Carlton offices. The employee allegedly admitted that a guest had dropped off the skis at a rack near the front of the resort.

“He picked up the equipment, thinking he wouldn’t get caught,” the sheriff’s deputy’s report said.

The employee was charged on suspicion of theft of more than $500.

EAGLE-VAIL ” On Feb. 21, Eagle County Sheriff’s deputies were called to an apartment at River Oaks by neighbors who’d complained about noise.

A resident of the apartment invited officers inside when they arrived. Another male introduced himself and said he had been called to the apartment “because things were getting out of control.” When the deputies asked what that meant, the man told them they would “just have to see for themselves.”

When they came inside, they found a woman yelling that she was not going to jail and another male passed out on the floor. After checking to make sure the man was breathing, the officers learned the roommates allegedly had a history of becoming intoxicated and loud.

After several attempts to calm and quiet the woman, deputies arrested her on suspicion of disorderly conduct. Her also intoxicated boyfriend attempted to quiet the woman, but when deputies tried to remove her from the residence, he allegedly shoved one of the officers and was also placed under arrest.

The two were taken to the Eagle County Detention Facility in Eagle, “screaming all the way to jail” and kicking at the windows, said the sheriff’s deputy’s report.

The woman was charged on suspicion of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Her boyfriend was charged on suspicion of resisting arrest and obstructing a peace officer.

EAGLE ” Sheriff’s deputies and Eagle Police officers were called to the Silverleaf Motel in Eagle Feb. 21 when guests complained that two men were wandering the halls and making noise.

The deputies found two men staggering down the hall. One of the men was subsequently arrested on a U.S. Marshals Office warrant. The second was told to go back to his room and stop disturbing people.

While speaking with the men, the police were approached by a distraught woman who accused the two men had of pounding on her door all night and, as a result, she and her boyfriend began arguing.

The two men were also allegedly trying to pick a fight with another man, the sheriff’s deputy’s report said, and this third male was also arrested on a warrant.

Later that night, officers were called back to the motel when the man left behind allegedly continued to bang on the couples’ door. He was arrested and charged on suspicion of harassment and disorderly conduct.

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