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Ski safe

“It Won’t Happen to Me.”

A simple fact of reality is “it could happen to anyone,” and when it happens to you, it is often too late. You must Think First clearly before taking your action to avoid eventual consequences. This applies to every daily act of your life; skiing is no exception.

As an advocate of injury prevention and the sponsoring physician for Think First Vail Valley Medical Center, I would like to congratulate Vail Resorts for the creation of a ski safety video, “It Won’t Happen to Me.”

This is an excellent ski safety presentation focusing on skier safety codes. The video recreates each vivid image of tragic accidents that actually happened on the ski slopes resulting from ignoring each skier safety code. The presentation is well-orchestrated, powerful and very effective. There is no doubt that this video presentation will make a positive impact on ski safety awareness among all skiers.

It was a courageous effort on the part of Vail Resorts to promote ski safety by exposing the tragic ski accidents on its own ski slopes. This proves that Vail Resorts is seriously committed to ski safety and truly the number one ski resort on ski safety.

For all of us who are living in the Vail Valley, skiing is a part of our daily lives. Let us join forces with Vail Resorts to make Vail Mountain a safe place to ski. Think First and use your mind to protect your body before you get up on the slopes every time, and enjoy great skiing!

Tetsuo Tatsumi, MD, CGS, Tat.


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