Ski Town All-Stars now selling ski gear and accessories |

Ski Town All-Stars now selling ski gear and accessories

The local hat and apparel company opened a ski shop at its EagleVail location this December

The new Ski Town All-Stars shop carries high-performance skis, bindings and ski accessories.
Ski Town All-Stars/Courtesy Photo

Ski Town All-Stars of Vail, a local hat and apparel company, has recently expanded and is now selling skis and ski gear out of their storefront in EagleVail and online at

Owner and founder Chris Bivona said that he’s had his eye on expanding into the gear space for a while, so when the storefront next door (previously Brixton Arms Co.) became available this summer, he jumped on the opportunity and took over the space in August.

The newly renovated gear shop opened its doors on Dec. 1 and specializes in selling high-level gear for experienced skiers.

“Everything that we have on the wall is a ski that a good skier would want to ski — we don’t have beginner skis,” Bivona said. “That’s the niche that we’re trying to sell.”

Bivona was a ski representative before starting Ski Town All-Stars, and has been testing skis for Free Skier and Ski Magazine for the past five years. In building out the company’s new gear selection, he and his team apply their firsthand experience with the products, ensuring that everything they sell is of a quality that they personally endorse.

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“We’re ski professionals — we’re telling people our honest opinions on things and not just selling what our managers are making us sell our what our buyers are bringing in because of discounts,” Bivona said. “It’s nice to sell the skis that I’ve liked and be able to talk about them, because I’ve skied them all every year.”

Bivona also intends to revive the sense of a local ski shop, where the products and the service are tailored to the local environment and the individual customer.

The shop carries a diverse selection of bindings, as well as avalanche tools and ski accessories.
Ski Town All Stars/Courtesy Photo

“Everything is so corporate in our valley, you just feel like a number in there, and we just wanted a more personal touch,” Bivona said. “You know, you go to a Vail Resorts store and it’s like, those kids aren’t passionate about the brands they’re carrying. They’re selling what they’ve been told to sell.”

Ski Town All-Stars currently carries a wide range of downhill and backcountry skis, as well as a binding selection that Bivona believes to be the largest and most diverse in the valley. In addition to skis and bindings, the shop sells avalanche tools and ski accessories such as Full Tilt Apres Booties, Pit Viper sunglasses and shotskis.

All of the available products are currently listed online at, and orders over $75 ship free to anywhere in the U.S.

Expanding into the gear space is a new chapter for Ski Town All-Stars, and they will continue to find ways to meet the needs and enhance the experience of the local ski community.

“We definitely want to be known in the ski industry as a hat company, but also a place where you can go to get skis that not everyone is going to carry,” Bivona said. “There are skis on this wall that no one else has in the valley, and we’re just trying to cater to that skier population and continuously grow and evolve, see where there’s demand and execute it.”

To see the full selection of gear, visit the Ski Town All-Stars website.

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