Skieologians: A pretty lousy prophet |

Skieologians: A pretty lousy prophet

I missed the mark in 2022, but it's not stopping me from trying again in 2023

Rutley Heinemann celebrates after scoring the game-winning goal in the 2A state title game last November. Will he lead the Gore Rangers back to the top in 2023?
Penny Turilli/Courtesy photo

In Deuteronomy, it says a false prophet can be identified if their “word does not come to pass.” I might be a self-proclaimed “skieologian,” but 2022 proved that I am anything but the next Isaiah. Maybe not even a worthy Habakkuk.

Here were my predictions for the 2022 sports season:

  1. The Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos will trade coaches. I bet Denver fans wish this would have happened.
  2. Kai Owens will be the Winter Olympic’s Suni Lee. I mean, Owens valiantly competed through injury, but she didn’t bring home a gold medal like Lee did. I’ll give this one a rain check until 2026.
  3. Shiffrin will win three gold medals, one silver and place fourth at the Beijing Olympics. Instead, she had 3 DNFs and no medals.
  4. Vail Christian boys basketball will make it to the state 2A semifinal. Was this the Vail Daily’s version of a Sports Illustrated curse? I guess I should have just not said anything!
  5. Val Constien will compete at the IAAF World Championships in Eugene this summer. Constien was hurt
  6. My last Nordic ski of the season will be June 3. The most depressing prophecy fail. I put the skinny skis away sometime around May 10.

Maybe the problem was that we made six predictions, isn’t seven the number of perfection? Here we go again:

  1. Vikings will win the Super Bowl over the Bills. It’s like I didn’t learn anything from last year’s bold predictions. The matchup of two teams with 0-4 big-game records will go the Purple’s way.
  2. Shiffrin wins four World Championship medals. I have a feeling one of the victories will be somewhat unexpected (i.e. downhill) and a bronze or silver will come where she’s favored.
  3. Sullivan Middaugh will repeat as XTERRA U.S. champion. I want to get at least one prediction right.
  4. VMS will repeat as boys state soccer champions. The question is, will Rutley Heinemann score two or three goals this time around? And, will Battle Mountain’s young team also make the trip to Colorado Springs?
  5. Freeriding will be announced as a winter Olympic sport. And Battle Mountain alumns Blake and Grifen Moller and Jack and Kevin Nichols will join the Vail Valley Olympic fraternity.
  6. An American will get on the podium at the next Birds of Prey World Cup. And no, Kilde will not transfer to our team to make it happen.
  7. My last ski of the season will be on June 3rd. I’m going to just keep saying this until one year … it comes true.
Sullivan Middaugh crosses the finish in first place for the Xterra USA Championship Saturday in Beaver Creek. Middaugh edged out his dad, Josiah, who took second.
Chris Dillmann/Vail Daily

For those skeptical of my prognostications: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”

Happy New Year.

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