Skier collision ends with testosterone-fueled tussle in Summit County |

Skier collision ends with testosterone-fueled tussle in Summit County

Ashley Dickson
Summit County, CO Colorado

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colorado ” A snowboarder said he wanted to file assault charges against a skier that wrestled him to the ground after a crash at a ski area in Summit County, Colorado.

According to the snowboarder, he had collided with a female skier and, when he attempted to get up to see if she was all right, a male skier tackled him to the ground.

The skier told the snowboarder that he needed to slow down before he killed someone and, using his forearm to hold the man’s throat against the snow, the skier held the man there until ski patrol intervened.

The men bickered all the way down the hill, where police were waiting. The skier initially admitted to tackling the snowboarder but later claimed that since no one was seriously hurt, no crime had taken place.

“If I was going to assault him, he would be hurt,” the skier said. “But I might have hit him the face with my elbow when I was getting up.”

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The skier insisted that he had been involved in the collision, although the snowboarder indicated that only the female skier was involved in the crash.

When asked if he could provide some more detail on what actually happened on the hill the skier was “abrupt and discourteous,” telling police if they had any further questions, they could speak with his attorney.

After that, the only remaining question officers had for the man was his full address, so they knew where to send his summons for assault.

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