Skiers trigger avalanches on Calif.’s Mount Shasta |

Skiers trigger avalanches on Calif.’s Mount Shasta

MOUNT SHASTA, California ” The U.S. Forest Service says backcountry skiers triggered a series of avalanches over the weekend on Mount Shasta, but no one was injured.

Lead climbing ranger Eric White says four groups of skiers escaped the cascading snow on Sunday and that no rescues were required.

The Forest Service posted an avalanche warning through Monday. Mount Shasta, part of the Cascade Range, has had at least 16 avalanches since Thursday.

Last week, storms left two to four feet of snow at higher elevations, followed by warm weather over the weekend.

White says Sunday’s avalanches broke loose 200- to 400-foot wide slabs of snow. He says cooler temperatures this week should stabilize the snow.

Shasta rises more than 14,000 feet and is about 220 miles north of Sacramento.