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Skiing substances

Steve LynnVail, CO Colorado

BEAVER CREEK For two years, Aaron Cook has swallowed three Advil and an energy drink before a day of skiing.Its just straight energy, Cook said at the base of Beaver Creek Mountain on Sunday. In light of the recent Mitchell Report that accuses 80 or so Major League Baseball players of using steroids, what performance-enhancing drugs do average skiers and snowboarders use on the mountain?Turns out they use plenty of coffee, tea, booze, energy drinks or marijuana to keep their legs turning. (Predictably, most people who said they smoked marijuana on the mountain did not give their last names for this story.)Zach Morris starts his day with a 24-ounce can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and eats trail mix while snowboarding. With both of those combined, you can have a regular fantastic day, said Morris, of Eagle. But avoid drinking too much, some skiers said. When Evan Younger was in college, he had a few beers during lunch, he said. Then he went to the terrain park, tried to do a flip and landed on his head. I wouldnt have been in the park had I not had six or seven beers for lunch, Younger said. I did a flip, though, he said. Yes, but you didnt land it.Steve McCrate drinks to take away the pain of skiing, he said. It makes your falls feel better, he said. But would you fall as often if you drank less, Steve? Adam Miller, of Denver, said he adds a liqueur to his coffee before skiing, drinks at least three beers during lunch and sips from his liquor-filled flask on the mountain, he said. The booze helps Miller try a little more and cures his hangover from the night before, he said. You cant ski with a hangover, but you can ski drunk, he said. Just try not to hit anyone, and stay out of Eagle County jail during the holidays, Adam. Richard OBrien, a seasonal worker at a ski-rental shop, buys blueberry bagels from City Market in Avon before he hits Beaver Creek Mountain, he said.Well, bagels arent drugs, Richard. Nevertheless, the bagels are good fuel for snowboarding, said OBrien, of New Zealand. Its cheap, and it fills me up, he said. I can snowboard for a couple hours without getting hungry.Other skiers and snowboarders choose coffee. It helps you get in the car and sit through traffic, said Amy Walker, of Boulder. More than anything else, a good powder day gets Aaron Yoders adrenaline going. Then I know its going to be a good day, Yoder said. Staff Writer Steve Lynn can be reached at 748-2931 or

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