Skinny-dipping, by the letter of the law |

Skinny-dipping, by the letter of the law

Compiled by Allen R. Smith

In the springtime when the snow began to melt, a pond of water collected at the bottom of our resort, covering about a half an acre. We called it our version of the beach.One day, as I skied to the bottom after a day of teaching, my daughter rushed up to me and exclaimed, “Dad, you’ll never guess what Reed did.” Reed Yalom was a well-liked instructor who managed to create his own entertainment in some unusual ways.”He dragged a picnic table over to the edge of the water, stripped off his uniform and dove into the pond, naked! In front of everyone!”After a few minutes of searching, I confronted Reed and asked him, “Reed, I suppose you forgot about the ski school’s rule of not doing anything with your uniform on that would embarrass the school or the resort?”Reed replied, “No, I remembered it. That’s why I took my uniform off!”- Dean Roberts, Brighton, UtahA lesson in diversitySeveral years ago, the Aspen ski school ordered new brochures. The resort spared no expense and hired the best marketing people they could buy. Unfortunately, they weren’t skiers.After nearly a year, the printer finally delivered 20,000 new brochures to the resort, just in time for opening day.When the ski school director opened the first box of brochures, he nearly had a stroke when he noticed that the instructor on the cover was wearing a blue jacket with the distinctive black and white diagonal stripe on it: the Vail ski school uniform.The director fumed as he called the marketing firm that designed the brochures. After getting the run-around, he was finally put in touch with Melinda, the (non-skier) account manager.”Melinda,” the director screeched, “Have you seen the cover of our new brochures?” “Yes,” she responded. “Isn’t it wonderful?””Wonderful?” exclaimed the director. “Where in did you get that picture of a Vail ski school uniform?””Vail ski school?” she said. “You mean they make more than one type of uniform?”- Phil Krichbaum, VailVail, Colorado

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