Skis and stalls a dangerous combination |

Skis and stalls a dangerous combination

Compiled by Allen Smith

Two years ago, I was enjoying a green run with a group of students, when we happened to stop in front of one of the mountain’s less celebrated landmarks: an outdoor restroom. This Americans with Disabilities Act-approved facility was a step up from the typical outhouse, in that it was built with a gentle ramp and large door that provided easy access to and from the slopes.While explaining the finer points of a wedge Christie, I heard yelling and banging coming from inside the men’s room. I called a time-out with the class and went over to investigate.I pushed open the door and standing before me was a fully dressed, 220-pound man standing on antiquated skis, poles in hand. Relieved that someone had finally come along to rescue him, he recanted his story to me.That morning, Lester jammed his old, rear-entry boots into the bindings, gave them a “click” and shoved off. It wasn’t until “the call of nature” that he discovered that he couldn’t get out of the bindings.With time rapidly running out, Lester spotted the outdoor restroom with a large door. He skied up the ramp, through the door and into the restroom. Through a feat of magic, he managed to turn himself around and back into the stall just in the nick of time.When it came time to leave, Lester realized that the restroom door opened to the inside. Standing approximately midway on a pair of 215-cm skis, his fingertips were more than a foot short from being able to grasp the doorknob.After numerous failed attempts to reach to door, he finally started banging on the inside of the door with his ski pole in hopes that someone would happen by to rescue him.When I asked him why he didn’t just pull his feet out of his boots and open the door, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “What? And get my socks dirty?”- AnonymousVail, Colorado

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