Slashing ties with the ex in Vail Valley |

Slashing ties with the ex in Vail Valley

Dustin Racioppi

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado ” A 19-year-old Vail, Colorado man did a good job of not leaving any evidence at the site where he’s suspected to have trashed his ex-girlfriend’s car, but his suspicious phone calls busted him.

After finding out from his ex-girlfriend of two years that her newly bought Volkswagen had been practically destroyed ” with four flat tires, scratches on the side, hood, sunroof and the leather seats slashed with a knife ” he called her and said he was at an airport in Texas and that he’d be back in Colorado later that evening.

He called her father and told him the same thing, and that he’d be around for support, the sheriff’s report said.

But both the ex-girlfriend and her dad noticed something that didn’t seem right. When they were talking to the man on the phone, he didn’t sound much like he was in an airport. It was almost silent in the background, according to the sheriff’s report.

With that bit of information and a potential motive for ex-boyfriend, deputies investigated a little further. The woman told deputies what kind of car he drove and where he was staying, and deputies arrived at his home, only to find him hopping into his car.

He was hauled in for questioning, and deputies said he changed his story several times, and admitted offering to pay his ex-girlfriend for the damage because he “felt bad.”

Nobody bought his story, and he was charged with first-degree criminal mischief, criminal trespass and domestic violence.

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