Slaying dragons in the Vail Valley |

Slaying dragons in the Vail Valley

Each day we can go out and either be eaten by the dragons or we can be the dragon slayers. The good news is that the choice is up to us.

Today marks the 48th day of the year and the 48th day since you set your goals or declared your New Year’s resolution. (And no, I am not letting you off the hook on those.)

Some of you right now are looking at those small goals and audacious resolutions and seeing them as dragons, fire-breathing, winged beasts that are just too tough to fight any more. But you have to remember there is a dragon slayer inside each one of you, a fighter that just needs to be brought to the fight. And others are already winning their battles every day and even looking for new dragons to slay.

Is your dragon a weight goal? Is you your dragon a goal associated with breaking a habit you have had and held onto for years? Is your dragon that elusive relationship or love you are longing for? Is your dragon a new career or better position at your current job? Is your dragon a health issue you have been battling?

It doesn’t matter what the dragon is, because remember that today you are a dragon slayer.

Here are the traits of dragon slayers:

– They wake up each day with opportunity on their minds, not defeat.

– They prioritize the order of tasks that have to be done.

– They sharpen the sword, polish the shield, and put on a full suit of armor.

– They take inventory of and confirm personal strengths and assets.

– They seek the dragon and don’t hide but search out the battle.

– They give 100 percent effort during each fight.

– They evaluate each move made, and strive for continuous improvement.

– They seek help from past dragon slayers who have won many battles before.

– They get plenty of nourishment and rest so that the next day’s battles can be won.

Whether you made your New Year’s resolutions Dec. 31 or you are making them today for the first time, or anywhere in between, you are already on your way to winning. Everyone will have a different goal and a personal reason for seeking out and achieving that goal. Please do not let the fact that you don’t have the skill or knowledge necessary to accomplish your goal just yet get in the way. One of my favorite quotes by Zig Ziglar is, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly until you can figure out how to do it right.”

There is a difference between “will” and “skill.” Skill allows us to use our talents, acquired knowledge, experience, and mental and physical attributes in the pursuit of our goals and dreams. But the will to do something, the desire, the passion is much more important. If you want something badly enough, and if your heart is in the game as an active participant and not just a spectator, you have what it takes to be a dragon slayer.

Sometimes the gap between “will” and “skill” seems so big, too hard to get past. The chasm could seem as wide as the Grand Canyon sometimes. But the reality is that it is only 10 or 12 inches for every one of us, and it is the distance between your head and your heart. Bridge that gap and you will go undefeated in the “You vs. The Dragon” seasons of your life.

Thanks so much for all of the e-mails. I enjoy the feedback and interacting with you all. Tell me how your battles are going and the dragons you are slaying everyday at Make it a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a Strategic Consultant, Business and Personal Coach, and Motivational Speaker and is once again serving as the Interim President of the Zig Ziglar Organization. Michael writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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