Sleeping man rescued from Avon fire |

Sleeping man rescued from Avon fire

Matt Zalaznick

The man was sleeping when a fire began burning near some electrical appliances around 12:30 a.m. in an apartment in the Alpen Flora condominiums at 580 West Beaver Creek Boulevard, authorities said.

“He was in bed sound asleep when they found him,” said Lt. Chuck House of the Eagle River Fire Department. “The firefighters were able to get him out of there before the carbon monoxide problem kicked in.”

When firefighters arrived they could flames and heavy smoke inside the apartment, House said.

“They found a man asleep in bed. They were able to rouse him and get him out,” House said.

The man was treated by paramedics but was not taken to the hospital, House said. He could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

The initial investigation of the fire shows it was likely an accident, House said.

“The area of origin appears to be close to some electrical appliances. It appears to be accidental in cause,” House said.

The man’s smoke detectors were working and went off, but the alarm didn’t wake him up, House said.

There was smoke and heat damage inside the apartment, but the flames did “very little” structural damage and didn’t spread to neighboring condominiums, House said.

Firefighters saved the tenant and, at the same time, saved some water for a Vail Valley dealing with the worst drought in more than a century. Because they arrived before the flames spread, firefighters did not have to use a lot of water to put the fire out, House said.

“Because we were able to get to it quickly, we were able to use 90 gallons, or less,” House said. “That’s minimal water. A few more minutes and it might have been a different story.”

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