Slick your hair back and open your ears |

Slick your hair back and open your ears

Charlie Owen
Special to the Daily New Orleans' The Rads play a two-night stint at the Sandbar starting Friday.

Vail Daily, Vail ColoradoPeople always tell me “there’s nothing to do in Vail besides ski and drink.” I have probably even said this myself on occasion. The fact of the matter is that there is plenty to do in this small town. While it is true that 90 percent of the activities that take place here are related to or directly involve the aforementioned duo, they are hardly the end all be all of the Vail entertainment scene. True, the scope may be more limited here than it would be in a big city, but all that means is you have fewer bars to choose from and less of a chance of getting lost at the end of the night. Creativity and selectivity are what a great night out on the town needs; the individual must decide what is important to them.”But I really want to go see a cool band this weekend,” you say. To which I reply, “The hills are alive with the sound of music.” To help you make up your mind, I’ve pulled together a small list of the musical highlights that are planned for this weekend. Before you venture out into the great unknown, find out exactly where you fit in on the scene.

I personally prefer shredding guitar solos and blistering drum beats along with a healthy dose of over the top screaming falsetto. But I know this is a rare treat here in the valley. Some like to dance while listening to DJs spinning and mixing it up on the tables. Others prefer the acoustical serenades of long-standing, local talents to get them through the night.The point is, that no matter what your musical interests are there is usually something going on to accommodate the music lover in us all. We should realize how lucky we are to live in a place that celebrates the diverse and rich musical tapestry that the world has to offer. Your only responsibility is to pick your cup of tea and take a drink.The Radiators play Sandbar on FridayAdd some Cajun flavor to your life this Friday when New Orleans rock band The Radiators visits the Sandbar for two shows. There authentic blend of blues and rock will have you dancing and playing air-guitar. Not necessarily a “jam band,” they feed off of the crowds energy to play extra long sets and an almost inexhaustible list of songs. They are preceded by the true Colorado jam band One Time.

Mix Master Mike spins SaturdayMix Master Mike plays a free street concert in Vail Village Saturday at 5 p.m. It’s the grand finale of the two-week long party Snow Daze. Mike is a turntable artist, creating audio paintings with his mixing, mashing and scratching. Sometimes he creates his own beats and other times he uses snippets from his 15,000-album collection. He grew up in San Francisco listening to a lot of jazz, rock and especially Jimi Hendrix, but it was when he heard Grandmixer DST spin on Herbie Hancock’s song “rocket” that really inspired him to become a DJ. Mike gained most of his mainstream notoriety when the Beastie Boys requested his talents in the studio on their 1997 album, “Hello Nasty.” It was a chance meeting at Rock Steady Anniversary Jam in New York City in 1994 between Adam Yauch of the Beasties and Mike that led to the collaboration. The two exchanged numbers and Mike left several scratch insignia on Adam’s answering machine. After “Hello Nasty,” the Beasties invited Mike to be their resident DJ.

DJ Cocheze and DJ Vajra at 8150 SaturdayAt 8150 Saturday night the Mix Master Mike After-Party will kick off with an ear-full of scratchin’ and mixin’. On the bill, DJ Cocheze and DJ Vajra. DJ Cocheze started DJing when he was only 14 years old. (I think I was still playing with G.I. Joes.) A native of Steamboat Springs, Cocheze has opened for such hip-hop heavy-weights as 2-Live Crew, Blackalicious and The Alkoholics. He became KRS-Ones’ DJ in February 2005, in other words, he knows what he’s doing.Allegedly one of the best all-around DJs in the music scene today, DJ Vajra follows Cocheze with a high-octane, frenetic free-for-all that is sure to get the blood flowing and loosen the limbs of even the least limber dancers in the crowd. Think of it as a super-sonic musical cocktail. Shaken and stirred. Vajra mixes everything from rap to jazz and presents a tasty mixture for the senses.Classic rock and one-man blues

If mixin’ doesn’t sound like your scene, then check out Loaded Joe’s in Avon, where you can hear the classic rock sounds of Stud Buzzard and the Swinging Sirloins. If you ever manage to get out of bed, try to make it to the Rumpus Room on Sunday night for two more great acts.Jason-Alex Mason is a one-man blues show. He plays the drums and slide guitar at the same time, while singing. So much for walking and chewing gum. That’s a good enough reason to go see this show, and in case you were wondering, the music is really good too. It’s classic, heart-felt, bare-bones blues.Three piece ensemble The Crooners joins Jason-Alex Mason Sunday at The Rumpus Room. The guys take there blues and jazz fusion from the streets of Europe to the stage of America. With two guitars, a harmonica, and a wash-board bass (you gotta see this thing), they bring a vintage feel to really well written songs. I highly recommend these guys.So don’t tell me there’s nothing to do this weekend. Put your dancing shoes on, slick your hair back, and get ready to rock ‘n’ roll. Maybe I’ll see you out there.

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