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Alex Miller

Riding down a mountain on an alpine slide is fun ” a lot of fun. Having done it many times as a kid in Stowe, Vermont and with my own kids in Breckenridge, I can easily state that the environment surrounding this relatively benign activity is roughly analogous to the vibe at a miniature golf course ” or perhaps a community swimming pool.

Yes, kids and adults will almost certainly laugh and even yell as they come down the hill ” not unlike the reactions seen from skiers on a powder day. The sound of the plastic skids on the concrete-composite tracks is similar to what you might hear from a skateboard at a skate park. It’s not silent, but nor is it particularly loud or annoying. I would argue that it’s no more intrusive to the natural environment, soundwise, than the noise of detachable chairs coming into a lift terminal.

Now, neither Breckenridge nor Stowe have homes as close to their slides as Beaver Creek’s proposed slide would be, but the reality is that this is a pretty harmless little diversion that would add to the appeal of the resort and give kids and teens (and, yes, adults) something fun to do in the summertime. BC homeowners are right to question the impact, but in the end, after it goes in, it’s hard to imagine the BC slide becoming anything but just another plus for a world-class resort.

Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado CO

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