Slifer Designs gives back at Roundup River Ranch |

Slifer Designs gives back at Roundup River Ranch

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The Slifer Designs group painted an accent wall in each room — a custom, robin’s-egg blue to brighten the space.
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DOTSERO — If things seemed quiet at Slifer Designs on a recent Friday, then it’s because the entire staff was playing hooky. Don’t worry, this was authorized by the boss herself. Everyone — designers to warehouse staff, administrators to vice presidents took the day to work at Roundup River Ranch, readying the bunk house for the flood of volunteers who help make the camp tick.

“We encourage everyone at Slifer to find a way to give back, to find their passion and run with it. On Friday, we used or passion and our skills to update the bunkhouse space. We managed to laugh a lot, work together and paint, decorate, update 10 rooms — not bad for a ‘day off,’” Yvonne Jacobs, president of Slifer Designs, said with a laugh.

The group had plenty of donated items to work with — from lamps to tables, nightstands to duvets. The team beautified the Staff Lodge, a 14-bedroom communal living space that houses volunteers and employees.

Working Together

Together the group made pillows and curtains — on site — from leftover fabric and trim, painted lamps bold pops of colors, painted side tables, switched out furniture, moved artwork, created a bigger bulletin board and even created new artwork by using existing frames with fun fabrics. The group painted an accent wall in each room – a custom, robin’s-egg blue (also donated) to brighten the rooms. And to bring it all together, they rearranged furniture to create a theme for each room.

Always A Designer

Once a designer, always a designer, as Yvonne proved when she hung a branch over the dining room table, strung it with lights and voila: an affordable custom-made, eye-catching chandelier.

“Slifer Designs has been a generous friend of Roundup River Ranch since our inception — they helped bring the dream of camp to reality,” said Ruth Johnson, president and CEO of Roundup River Ranch. “Their recent donation of services will make a tremendous difference to the hundreds of volunteers who will reside in the Staff Lodge this season. The space they redecorated is more inspired and inviting — now, it looks like a place volunteers can call home.”

About Roundup River Ranch

Roundup River Ranch opened its doors to campers in 2011, making a huge impact on sick children throughout the 11-state mountain region. This past summer alone, 591 kids with life-threatening illnesses got to spend time being kids — running, fishing, swimming and laughing.

This is not the first time Slifer has been involved with Roundup River Ranch — their history together goes back to the founding of the camp. Beth Slifer was a founding board member and is now on the advisory committee, along with her husband, Rod. The company has contributed over $160,000 in pro bono support as Roundup River Ranch was opening; this donation included pro bono design and purchasing services, donated furniture and furniture at cost, truck use, warehousing and storage, and more. Beth Slifer and Slifer Designs were instrumental to the interior design of Roundup River Ranch.

The apple does not fall far from the design tree; many staff members took the time to give back, including Addie Lagace, Elizabeth Holland, Eric Pence, Garrett Oleson, Ian Casey, Kari Gerber, Kelsey Cole, Kim DeGroat, Melissa Dombroski, MaiMai Dorn, Oshi Gardarian, Patti Biggs, Rob Mattes, Susan Ferrari, Tara Klaers, Yvonne Jacobs and Sue Poisson.

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