Slifer Designs in Edwards hosts artist Lynda H. Wright |

Slifer Designs in Edwards hosts artist Lynda H. Wright

"Yampa YaYa,” by Lynda H. Wright.

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Who: Artist Lynda H. Wright.

Where: Slifer Designs Showroom, Edwards.

When: Saturday -Monday. Wright will paint in the showroom Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m.

More information: Visit or call 970-926-8200.

EDWARDS — Lynda H. Wright, a Colorado artist, will showcase her colorful paintings at the Slifer Designs Showroom Saturday through Monday. Wright uses bold, vibrant colors in her pieces, which focus on people, animals and the landscape of the Rocky Mountain West — the place she calls home. Wright will be painting at Slifer Designs in Edwards from 1 to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Wright incorporates her artistic background with the spirit of all the Vail Valley has to offer, whether focusing on the baleful stare of a cow with its large brown eyes or the grand vistas of rivers meandering beneath the towering Rocky Mountains.

“The Vail Valley landscape is amazing,” Wright said. “It changes all the time. Eagle has those wonderful hills, it looks like someone reached down and pulled them up with their hands. I love to paint how the color changes during the afternoon.”

Wright will bring some of her most well-known paintings with her — those of the cows. She has a special connection with nature; she rode horses and was always outside as a child, which shows in her work.

“The animals are my favorite, I like to feel the connection with the animals I paint,” she said. “Some are local cows from the Vail area.”

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As a matter of fact, she had set off to meet the cows off Squaw Creek Road in Edwards, when the painting almost became a story unto itself.

“The bull went after my car, but I managed to escape,” she adds with a laugh.

“Lynda has a large following, both locally and beyond,” said Susan Ferrari, vice president of retail operations for Slifer Designs. “Her paintings add a joyfulness to any space. We are looking forward to having her visit us a few days this month.”

Wright spends time on the north shore of Oahu as well. Here, she captures outriggers, canoes and surfboards, along with a rooster, whose stare and colorful feathers draw you in.

Wright will bring a large selection of her work to Slifer Designs — both oils on archival canvas and smaller watercolors. In addition, she will paint either a landscape or one of the beloved cows on site, working from sketches and photographs. Far from the pretentious artist, she said, “I always encourage people to paint because it’s a wonderful outlet. I think everyone has talent.”

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