Slifer Designs offers free interior design advice at Riverwalk First Friday event |

Slifer Designs offers free interior design advice at Riverwalk First Friday event

The Design Challenge on Friday, Sept. 4, provides an opportunity to have Slifer Designs help you take your dated "before," like this kitchen, to an updated "after."
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EDWARDS — There’s no time like the present to update your house — anything from de-cluttering, rearranging furniture and painting a bright, fresh color to a significant remodel. Sometimes, though, the hardest part is just knowing where to start: What works with my home, what will deliver the biggest bang for the buck, how long will it take and should I do three little things or one big design makeover?

Luckily, there’s help for the design impaired. Slifer Designs will host its wildly popular Design Challenge on Friday, Sept. 4, from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at The Riverwalk at Edwards’ First Friday event, which takes place down by the river in Edwards. As part of the Mountain Makeover event, several Slifer Designs interior designers will be on site to help with interior design questions.


“We’ve grown to love Design Challenges,” said Yvonne Jacobs, president of Slifer Designs. “We give free interior design advice, and then we get to check back in every few months to see what changes they’ve made.”

In the past, Slifer Designs has helped with design decisions from how to incorporate a large piece of artwork to what furniture would look best in a newly revamped living room; whether to wallpaper or paint and what color to paint.

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For the best results, Slifer Designs suggests clients bring photos of their existing space, photos of what they like and any inspiration for the future. For more information, contact Slifer Designs at 970-926-8200.

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