Small businessman focused on small town |

Small businessman focused on small town

Kathy Heicher
Bob Magdzuik

Bob Magdzuik, 47

– Resides in Bull Pasture subdivision

– Owns Illuminating Engineering, Inc.

– Community involvement: Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District coach, served on Bull Run Home Owners Association board; served on Eagle Volunteer Fire Department.

– Most important issue: Getting people more involved in government so that decisions made by the board reflect all the people in town. “Eagle has very diverse neighborhoods, from trailer parks to million dollar homes. It still must retain its small town character.”

Different neighborhoods help maintain a good community base, where we are all friends and neighbors.

More citizen involvement could be generated by putting more information in the newspapers, including meeting agendas, more newspaper coverage of meetings and televised meetings.

Other issues include commercial and residential planning and development, infrastructure upgrades, access to public property through the town’s open space; annexations, budget and taxes.

People move to Eagle for the small town lifestyle and outdoor activities. “We need to balance the old Eagle with the new Eagle to keep the town a diverse and well-balanced community … the challenge is to maintain that and not lose sight of why we live here in the first place.”

– Downtown re-development: Infrastructure upgrades are needed. Some of that is addressed in the 2004 capital plan. With that, commercial investors should be satisfied that the town is serious about working with small businesses and not just being an adversary.

– Big box development: Eagle needs something unique that can draw people from outside … perhaps a Cabela’s or a hunting and fishing or nice clothing store. We need something that would not have an adverse effect on the downtown area. “I do not want to make the same mistake that other towns have made with deferring taxes.”

– Open space management: “The town does a good job of managing it’s open space in general, but has lost it’s vision when it comes to the outdoor activities that a small town needs and wants. I have had lengthy conversations with the BLM and they are expecting full-use access points through the town’s open space to complement Hardscrabble Road access. This would greatly improve the recreational opportunities … all modes of travel – be it foot, horse or motor – should be included in all plans.

Town should work with ECO trails on trail construction. Forest and Bureau of Land Management lands already have plenty of full-use trails. “We do not need to close or restrict any existing trails or roads at this time.”

– Growth policies: “I believe in private property rights.” Some things in the master plan work, some don’t. Reviewing the plan would be good. Keep all meetings open to the public.

Agrees with adequate public facilities policy. Growth is a balancing act, with give and take.

– Why I am a good candidate: “I am not a politician. I have no hidden agenda. I owe no debts, nor am I here for just one issue. I am open to opinions and willing to compromise.”

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