Small elections still important |

Small elections still important

Don Rogers

The turnout will hardly rival elections in such democratic backwaters as Afghanistan or Iraq, but next week’s elections have an important question or two for valley voters.Two fire protection districts seek approval for property tax hikes, which we support. And the Water and Sanitation District Board, which deals with that Western elixir worth fighting over, has a bunch of candidates for open seats.That and the usual spate of metro district elections that are intensely local, down to the neighborhood level and affect those neighborhoods on a daily level that’s higher than presidents.Sure, we know. Yawn. Maybe one out of every 10 eligible voters will bother. What a shame. What an indictment of how lazy we’ve become, how much we take our system so much for granted.This is freedom when you become too spoiled to take your civic responsibility seriously. When reality TV is more important than the real deal.Oh, some citizens will vote. And the rest of us all will just have to live with these decisions, for better or for worse.But make no mistake. We do have time to hold up our end of the democratic bargain. We do have an obligation to study up on the issues and help make these decisions.Spare everyone the excuse that you are too busy with daily life to pay attention to local elections. If you don’t vote, the only answer is that you were just too lazy.Vail, Colorado

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