Small plane crash in Mexico kills pilot, air force co-pilot |

Small plane crash in Mexico kills pilot, air force co-pilot

ACAPULCO, Mexico – A small plane crashed outside this Pacific coast resort, killing a civilian pilot and a Mexican air force pilot who went along for the ride, authorities said Monday.The plane went down Sunday afternoon at El Migote beach near Pie de la Cuesta, just south of Acapulco, killing pilot Ruben Fajardo, 35, and 60-year-old air force pilot Victor Serrano, said Hector Lara, an agent of the district attorney’s office for the nearby city of Coyuca de Benitez.Fajardo, originally from Mexico City, had not wanted to fly, but was persuaded by the air force pilot, Pedro Victor Serrano, according to Fajardo’s widow, Vianey Gonzalez.”This man showed up and said that he was a military pilot and wanted to know how the plane flew, and after a while he persuaded my husband to take him on a flight,” Gonzalez told The Associated Press.Gonzalez said Air Force personnel who arrived to confirm the identity of the military pilot said they found a note in his clothes containing reflections on life and death.”I don’t know if it was a posthumous note but it looks like this man had intentions to provoke the accident, because the airplane was very safe and my husband had a lot of experience in his work,” Gonzalez said.Military officials refused to comment, and Serrano’s relatives could not be reached for a response.Vail, Colorado

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