Small-town politics can have a big impact |

Small-town politics can have a big impact

Michael Robinson
Vail, CO, Colorado

On Oct. 29, the Vail Valley Partnership and KZYR radio (The Zephyr) will host a Vail Town Council candidates forum for the upcoming Nov. 6 election, when five new council members will be chosen.

Not a small number, not a small election and not a matter to take lightly.

Why? Because it is these individuals, along with incumbents Farrow Hitt and Mark Gordon, whose decisions will shape the immediate future of Vail. Whether you live in East Vail, Eagle-Vail, Avon, Edwards, Gypsum and even as far as Dostero, their decisions will impact you. Believe it or not, the Vail Valley is an interconnected community, so it is important we all take an interest in our neighbors’ business because it could impact your business.

This is another reason the Partnership is working with The Zephyr to bring the forum to those who cannot attend in person. We take getting important news to you seriously and The Zephyr’s broadcast (also to be posted online at that evening will accomplish that. Community Focus host Rohn Robbins will moderate the discussion.

The Vail Valley Partnership is in the business of business and because business and politics walk hand-in-hand, we want to assure voters are making informed, educated decisions when heading to the polls Nov. 6. Legislative decisions affect how we do business ” whether on the local, states, regional, national or international level ” so politics does matter to business.

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As the leader of the valley’s resource and advocate for tourism and business, I take this on as both a professional and personal responsibility with the goal to lobby for the best interests of the Vail Valley business community. For example, next week I will be in the nation’s capital to meet with Senators Ken Salazar and Wayne Allard and Congressman Mark Udall ” all of whom are making decisions that shape Colorado’s economic health. It is imperative that they understand that the Vail Valley is an important piece of the region’s, state’s, and nation’s economy.

It is my hope that we will begin an earnest and serious relationship next week, that will connect our business interests with decisions and opinions in Washington D.C.

The Oct. 29 candidates’ forum is sure to touch on the issues facing Vail which all business owners as well as employees should take an interest in.

How is Vail going to attract quality employees to the area and maintain the workforce needed to deliver exemplary customer service amid the growth and development planned for the next five to 10 years? How do candidates believe Vail should be marketed? What is the future of Vail’s business mix and why is this important?

The majority of the night’s questions will be fielded from Partnership members and our newly formed governmental affairs committee.

In fact, we’ve asked the business community to submit advance questions to Sadie Riddleberger at or 477-4008 for consideration.

So, regardless of any World Series game or Monday Night Football, we promise to deliver a grand-slam night of intelligent and thought-provoking entertainment. Tivo the game, and join us Oct. 29 at 5:30 p.m., in person at the Vail Town Council Chambers, on the air at 97.7 FM, or online at to hear the candidates speak for the last time about how they intend to handle the issue most pressing issues facing Vail. And for those political junkies in the audience who still can’t get enough after Monday night’s forum, jump online the next day to the Partnership’s newly launched Web site for an assessment and recap of the previous night’s discussion.

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