Smile – company’s here |

Smile – company’s here

We love it when company comes.

First lady Michelle Obama is here for a visit, which is good because … well, you know how Fox News insists it’s “Fair and Balanced”?

In this case, we’re not.

We like Michelle.

So there.

She wants what we all want: to go skiing while the conditions are great.

So if you see her, please don’t cause too much fuss. She’s on


Of course, she’s not this administration’s first, and theirs is not the first first family to visit.

Vice President Joe Biden was here last year and brought the children and grandchildren.

Vice President Dick Cheney was

a regular, rolling through in the


And of course, in the mid-1970s, you could usually make a quorum of President Gerald Ford’s Cabinet in some Vail restaurants.

Reporters used to stand in front of Vail bars and restaurants, look seriously into television cameras and say, with a straight face and earnest voice, that they were reporting from the Western White House.

With all due respect to Michelle and Joe and Dick, Jerry and Betty are Vail’s First Family.

Tipper Gore used to come and bring the kids, possibly to get in a little skiing and enjoy the snow before Al’s global warming melts it all.

Just after Bill Clinton was elected president, Bill, Hillary and Chelsea visited Jerry and Betty in Vail and Beaver Creek.

Jerry was a sweetheart of a guy. When a Vail Daily reporter called their house in Beaver Creek to ask what the current and former heads of state might discuss, whoever was listening on the phones cut them off. Ford was a little irritated when he called back seconds later, apologized, and they rolled right along with an interview.

Ford spent several minutes chatting with the reporter, exercising a political leader’s spiritual gift for charming the ice out of a glass of single malt Scotch while saying absolutely nothing of consequence – yet leaving people feeling good about themselves and their country.

Bill, who has all those same gifts and more, played the saxophone with the band during a dinner party in Vail’s Ford Park. That same reporter strapped on a tux and managed to weasel his way in and asked Hillary to dance. She was also charming and disarming, and replied, “Thank you, but no.”

The Secret Service folks were not nearly as amused as he and Hillary were.

Somewhere, there’s a picture of Hillary dancing with Jerry and they’re both having a great time. We’ve seen it, but we vowed we wouldn’t say where.

The Clintons rode horses and did all the mountain tourist stuff. Bill and Jerry played golf in Vail on National Relaxation Day. Honest. We would not make that up. We could, but we’re not.

Dan Quayle and his family have relatives here so they dropped in.

Here’s something you didn’t know. The Quayles, staunch Republicans, were put in a Vail hotel suite owned by one of the elders of the Kennedy clan.

No one was the wiser, until now.

So company is here. We wish them and all of you well, and would remind you that skiing is like life: Go fast, take chances. That’s where all the fun is. Falls are temporary, great memories are forever.

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