Smokey days fitting for news gap |

Smokey days fitting for news gap

Don Rogers

Too bad the national news crews, reporters and their public are seeing Eagle County at its ugliest. Hot and hazy with smoke from fires distant and as close as Dotsero, the smokey backdrop fits the case simmering against basketball star Kobe Bryant.

Denied details sealed away in the court files, the journalists are left to pester lawyers and law enforcement types on one hand and the town’s teen-agers on the other. Neither world is particularly appealing, to be brutally frank about it. Can there be two subsets of humanity more prone to gossip than these? Of course, the ones willing to talk don’t know and the ones who know are not talking – with maybe an exception or two, and no doubt more as time wears on. Wisely, though, the folks at the epicenter are declining to discuss anything for now.

So the rumors whipsaw between assertions of undeniable and prolific evidence that should have the accused locked up since July 1, and those driven by fervent hope that nothing but a bungled investigation has happened.

Seen from the press box, the case so far does seem strange. No doubt a puzzle piece will fall from the sky to bring sense to the timing of the alleged events, the variety of assertions, the collected evidence and maybe even the embarrassing rift between agencies handling the case.

Meantime, the horde keeps checking smoke for flame and otherwise passes the time till the haze clears out.


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