Sneak peak at Avon’s Main St. |

Sneak peak at Avon’s Main St.

Matt Terrell
Vail, CO Colorado

AVON Colorado ” Avon’s future Main Street has existed as a concept for years, but town planners now have a better idea of what this walkable hub of shops, plazas and restaurants, all anchored around Nottingham Park, will actually look like.

If everything goes on schedule, Main Street construction will begin in the spring of 2009. Town planners and Britina Design Group will be sharing these preliminary designs for Main Street with the Town Council on Tuesday.

The general feel of Main Street will be a series of open plaza areas with public art, trees, shops and restaurants with patio seating, all within walking distance of the library, recreation center, Avon Station, the Westin gondola and a planned parking garage.

According to a community survey, “high quality public space” should be the most important priority for Main Street, and you’ll see a lot of that in the design.

Main Street will have very pronounced entrances and gateways, especially around Nottingham Park, where there will likely be an overlook of some kind and a water feature, like a fountain.

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What hasn’t been nailed down yet is the decorative theme ” the sorts of colors, shapes and building materials that will define the kind of public art installed, the layout of the plaza areas and the general look of Main Street.

Here’s a tour through future Avon’s downtown, at least what it looks like now.

Let’s say you’ve just gotten off the bus at Avon Station, the town’s transit hub on Benchmark. Look north, and you’ll see a new pedestrian path leading to Main Street ” Lettuce Shed Lane, named in honor of the lettuce industry that once defined Avon.

Planners say this will be a major gateway to Main Street, a place where lots of people will be coming and going, either from the gondola at the Westin or from town and county buses.

So, it has to be an inviting entrance, a place where visitors can become oriented, meet their friends and learn a little about the town.

Where Lettuce Shed Lane meets Main Street, planners envision a plaza area with seating and things like a large clock and a fire place, which give sort of that “welcoming” feeling.

Designers envision using artwork, colorful paved surfaces or informational signs to symbolically explain the history of Avon.

Look to the east, you’ll see one of the other big entrances to downtown, where Avon Road meets Main street.

Planners see sort of a “gateway” feel to this area, a place that will easily allow pedestrians to walk from the east side of town to the west, and it will be where cars enter the one-way street.

Head west, and you’ll come across an open plaza area by The Seasons. Planners say this will be the heart of Main Street, one of the main gathering areas. This is where there will be movable seating, some outdoor dining, carts and kiosks for food or bike rentals.

This is also the kind of open space where you could find performances, markets or, at night, a place for outdoor movies.

Head further west, and you’ll find the plaza area where the library and rec center meet. Planners see public art and a garden around here with good views of the mountains, making it a nice way to walk from the library to the rec center.

Soon, you’ll come to the end of Main Street, where it intersects with Lake Street, currently under construction. This is also where Nottingham Park will begin.

Planners want to make a great pedestrian entrance to Nottingham Park, and you can expect some sort of “interactive water feature” in this area, like a fountain. There could be an elevated viewing area of the park, sort of like a look out point.

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