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‘Snot is not a four-letter word’

Lyndsay Jo Hackman
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Being outdoors in the winter often triggers a runny nose. And it can hit at any time – in the middle of the slope, on the chair lift or flirting with a cute snowboarder. The remedies – handkerchiefs, tissue dispensers in the lift line or the backside of a glove – often leave the user with a chafed nose and dirty gloves.Brennon Martin proposes an alternative. Snot Spot is a fleece fitting that slips over the forefinger of a glove or thumb of a mitten, covers the topside and is secured around the wrist, providing a large surface on which to wipe a runny nose. The open-hand design doesn’t interfere with the grip of the glove or use of fingers, Martin said. “We’ve had good feedback from people who’ve tried it,” Martin said. “The trick is to get people to try it. They don’t think they need it now, but once they get accustomed to it, they don’t want to get rid of it.”

Co-inventors of Snot Spot, Greg Queen and Susan Miskovsky, lived with Martin’s wife, Monica, in the mid 1990s when they came up with the idea, but they couldn’t make it cost effective and it was put aside. “The challenge back then was to find a way to produce it without making them ourselves,” Queen said.Monica found a Denver company to make Snot Spot, and with the help of her husband they came up with prototypes and started production. Snot Spot is made of reversible microfleece that is water repellent and mucous absorbent. It can be cleaned throughout the day by wiping it with snow and shaking it off. While many gloves have a small soft spot for nose wiping, constantly washing the gloves can cause wear and tear and damage the water-repellent properties, said Martin.”We recommend washing it as often as your socks,” Brennan said.

It’s available in black or white at The Bag and Pack Shop in Avon and Vail, Emage in Edwards and at other stores in six states. It comes in two sizes: large to fit adult gloves or mittens and small for adult spring gloves or for kids. While many people find Snot Spot handy, Martin said the company has to combat “grossness” when convincing certain customers to use it. “Snotophobes are people that don’t want anything to do with it and pretend it’s not there,” Martin said. “We also sell a T-shirt with the phrase, ‘Snot is not a four-letter word.’ It’s just a fact of life you have to deal with.”Snot Spot is a division of When I Grow Up, Inc. founded by Monica, which makes a variety of products meant to be environmentally friendly. The goal is to make a profit and also to donate to charitable organizations, Martin said. Her goal is to donate $1 million to charitable organizations by 2015. Monica Martin has 15 ideas she wants to patent, but Snot Spot is the first to hit the stores.

“We don’t have a ton of money right now, but we give away what we can,” Martin said. So far, When I Grow Up, Inc. has given $1,000 to charity, he said.Among other promotions, Snot Spot will be a sponsor for the Beaver Creek Snowshoe Adventure Series.Vail, Colorado

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