Snow allergy blocks stunning views |

Snow allergy blocks stunning views

Compiled by Allen R. Smith

I was skiing with a new group of clients all morning under a light snow when we decided to break for lunch at the Wildwood Smokehouse. The Smokehouse sits atop Vail Mountain and provides one of the most picturesque views in central Colorado.After taking a vote, we decided to sit outside at the picnic tables to enjoy our lunch. However, one member of the group said, “No I can’t. I can’t sit outside.”I asked her, “Why not? Everyone else wants to sit outside and enjoy the great views.” Once again, she insisted, “I can’t sit outside.”Again, I asked her, “Are you sure? It’s not that cold outside.” To which she responded, “I can’t sit outside. I’m allergic to snow.”We sat inside.- Rick Birchall, VailSkier doesn’t dig the dress codeEvery three or four years, our ski school recycles its uniforms in favor of new ones. The old uniforms are usually donated to indigent villagers in Central America, Nepal or Afghanistan.Every now and again, one of the uniforms escapes to a thrift shop where it is purchased by a needy skier.On one particularly crowded day, I noticed what appeared to be a novice skier zooming down the bunny hill in a braking wedge, wearing an instructor’s parka and blue jeans. The ski school director happened to be in the area, so I called the incident to his attention.Exhibiting all of the diplomacy that one would expect of a man in his position, he stopped next to the skier in question and inquired about the parka. The skier was a middle-aged lady who had purchased the parka in a second-hand store in Guatemala.The director explained that she wouldn’t be able to continue wearing her current outfit. In a brilliant public relations move, the director offered a voucher to the woman, good for a new parka and pair of pants at any of our company-owned retail shops.The woman was ecstatic about the opportunity to trade her used ski outfit for a brand new one and gladly relinquished the parka.About a month later, the director received a very cordial thank you note from the woman:”Dear Mr. Ski School Director,Thank you very much for your generosity. I enjoyed my vacation at Vail and more importantly, my new ski outfit. I do, however, have one question that continues to perplex me. Why do you not allow skiers to wear blue jeans at Vail?”- Bill Davis, VailVail, Colorado

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