Snow allergy blocks stunning views |

Snow allergy blocks stunning views

Compiled by Allen R. Smith

I was skiing with a new group of clients all morning under a light snow when we decided to break for lunch at the Wildwood Smokehouse. The Smokehouse sits atop Vail Mountain and provides one of the most picturesque views in central Colorado.After taking a vote, we decided to sit outside at the picnic tables to enjoy our lunch. However, one member of the group said, “No I can’t. I can’t sit outside.”I asked her, “Why not? Everyone else wants to sit outside and enjoy the great views.” Once again, she insisted, “I can’t sit outside.”Again, I asked her, “Are you sure? It’s not that cold outside.” To which she responded, “I can’t sit outside. I’m allergic to snow.”We sat inside. – Rick Birchall, VailUltimate groomingOn a mid-winter morning, following a night of freezing rain, two young ladies approached an instructor working the ski school desk to inquire about lessons and skiing conditions.In his usual affable style, Leonard proceeded to answer all their questions until it came to the subject of skiing conditions. At this point, he reached for the morning grooming report and with a flourish, handed it to the two snow bunnies.”Let’s look at the grooming report to see how conditions are for you two lovely ladies,” said Leonard. After studying the report, he continued, “Oh yes, the conditions are spectacular. All of the slopes are marked UG. That stands for Ultimate Grooming.”As the ladies headed for the hill, a supervisor took Leonard aside and explained, “UG stands for ungroomed, not Ultimate Grooming. If you recall, we had a freezing rain storm last night.”Fearing that the ladies would return, Leonard leaped over the ski school desk and dashed out the door. He spent the rest of the day hiding from the two snow bunnies pursuing the purveyor of “Ultimate Grooming.”- Bert Probst, Holiday Valley Ski Resort, New YorkVail, Colorado

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