Snow removal for state tops $7 million |

Snow removal for state tops $7 million

DENVER (AP) ” Preliminary costs for statewide snow removal from two holiday snowstorms has reached $7.1 million, officials said Thursday.

The estimate is based on material, equipment, and staffing during the three-week period from Dec. 18 through Jan. 8.

“We still don’t have all of overtime, contractor billings and other items such as equipment repairs totaled,” said Colorado Department of Transportation Chief Engineer Pam Hutton. “We expect this number will likely change as we continue to gather this information and reconcile costs.”

The largest expense so far, $3.7 million, has come from snow removal in the Denver area. During the same period last year, CDOT spent only $1.5 million.

More than 600 pieces of snow removal equipment, including plows, were used in eastern Colorado and along the Front Range during the storm. After running 24 hours, seven days a week, at least 100 pieces of equipment broke down and required repairs.

Hutton said the transportation commission has a contingency fund to cover emergencies.

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