Snow removal in Minturn |

Snow removal in Minturn

Daily Staff Report

We are once again in the midst of winter snowfall, and we are receiving complaints regarding compliance with the Minturn Municipal Ordinance, which requires removal of snow from sidewalks by owners or occupants of structures.

We will be issuing citations for non-compliance with this ordinance in the near future, soon after distribution of this memorandum. This letter is intended to be informative and also to serve as a written warning to those residents whom have failed to remove snow as required.

This purpose of this ordinance is for the safety of all who use our sidewalks. We respectfully request your voluntary compliance with the provisions of the ordinance, in order that we may cooperatively resolve this annual and frequent problem.

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Thank you for your assistance and cooperation in this matter. On behalf of the Minturn Police Department, please accept our best wishes for a happy and safe Holiday Season.


Lorenzo W. Martinez

Chief of Police

The Minturn Municipal Ordinance referred to is as follows:

It is unlawful for any owner or occupant of any lot, block, or parcel of ground within the Town, or for any agent in charge of such property, to allow any snow or ice to accumulate or remain upon any sidewalk or pathway alongside such property longer than twenty-four (24) hours from the time of the last accretion of such snow or ice. (Prior code 12.04.010)

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