Snow tire season hits Summit County |

Snow tire season hits Summit County

Caitlin Row
Summit County, CO Colorado
On Dec. 21, 1979, both bores of the Eisenhower/Johnson Memorial Tunnels opened, forever changing traffic flow and economic conditions in the Colorado high country.
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SUMMIT COUNTY – With regular snow flurries blanketing Summit County with thin layers of fluff, it’s become snow tire season at local auto shops.

“People are needing snow tires immediately or sooner,” Airport Auto owner Gary Myers said. “We haven’t really had cold issues yet. It’s tires – and everyone’s put it off anyway due to financial constraints. We’re running them out the door.”

Myers said they’ll start to do more winter-weather checks on cars as the temperature drops.

“It takes another 30 degrees for cars to get a little persnickety up here,” he said.

And Napa Auto Parts co-owner Gary Ellinger said he expects to see people come into his Frisco auto supply store in the next few weeks for wintertime items.

To winterize one’s vehicle, he suggests to check the antifreeze – make sure it’s 50/50, water to antifreeze.

“If you add water, it may raise the freezing point,” he said.

Ellinger also suggested getting good winter wiper blades and switching to a washer fluid that’s designed for colder climates.

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