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Snowbikes yes, peace no

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Editor’s note: the following two letters were addressed to Guy Riggs at yes, peace noGuy,I agree with your feeling on the snowbike issue on Vail Mountain (Snowbiking for peace, Vail Trail, March 28). I have been attempting to get (Vail Resorts) to even allow it on a few runs.I totally disagree with you on the war. Time heals all wounds. If it was not for our action in the first and second World Wars, you and I would be speaking German today and you would not have had the opportunity to run a successful business and to enjoy these endeavors you are attempting.The U.S. was attacked on 9/11 and it is amazing that we did not retaliate fully at that time. Your attempt at peace is noble, but totally unattainable.Your outcry against the war at this time when we have men dying for you and your freedom is treason.Snowbiking extreme?Guy,”Riggs also claims to have successfully landed the highest recorded cliff jump on a snowbike, a 75 foot plunge off a 90-degree rock formation in the backcountry near Jackson, Wyo.” (Snowbiking for Peace, Vail Trail, March 28)Yeah, Guy. I’d like to know just where you did this. Please tell. Teton Pass, Granite Canyon, Cody Peak… maybe off the Grand itself?A 90-degree rock formation? Do you mean a cliff? I’d like to hear more on this, including who you were with and how you accessed the region. I’m very interested in your claims.Pepi’s Face and the “death zone?””What I am doing is not only incredibly daring,” he says, “but it is also incredibly dangerous. And that’s how I think it should be. With great risk comes great reward, and I am trying to train a white-hot spotlight on the hypocrisy of the American war effort in Iraq.”The only thing showing in your “white-hot spotlight of hypocrisy” is you own stupidity. Please prove me wrong.From a Jackson, Wyo. resident who shall remain anonymous

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