Snowboarder flees accident scene |

Snowboarder flees accident scene

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Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

A deputy responded to a violation of the Skier Safety Act at Beaver Creek Mountain on Jan. 27. A snowboarder was injured after colliding with another snowboarder.

The deputy met the 28-year-old victim at the medical center. The man’s left pant leg was ripped and there was dried blood on the top of his boot. He showed the deputy the fresh dressing put on the injury by the medical staff.

The medical staff members weren’t sure exactly how many staples or stitches were used on the man’s injury, but said they used four boxes.

The victim said he was snowboarding down the Centennial run when another snowboarder collided with him. The victim got up and noticed the man was wearing blue pants, a green beanie and a gray jacket. The man rode off and the victim yelled for him to stop. The man looked back. The victim yelled again and the man continued to ride off.

Then the victim looked down at his leg and saw the tear in his pants and blood. He rode after the man and caught up with him on a flat part of the run. He told the man he needed to stop so he could check his injury. He unstrapped his binding and started to lift his pant leg when the person rode off again.

The victim stepped back into his binding and followed the other snowboarder to a lift line. The man hurried to get on the lift. The victim yelled for the lift operator to stop him but the man succeeded in getting away.

At that point, the victim noticed the extent of his injury. His shin was badly cut and the bone was exposed. The lift operator saw the injury and called for ski patrol to help.

As he was being helped by ski patrol, the victim saw the man in blue pants riding down the mountain and pointed him out. The 28-year-old man was taken to the medical center and ski patrol was able to get the suspect’s identity.

Later, the suspect called Beaver Creek Public Safety and was transferred to the deputy. The officer told the 26-year-old man that he needed to talk with him. The man said he was going to work in Avon and agreed to meet the deputy at a business next door to where he worked.

The suspect said he was riding down the Centennial run when another snowboarder came out from behind a lift pillar. He wasn’t able to avoid the man and they collided. He said he looked back and the man started to yell at him. He said the man “didn’t seem like he was hurt if he was acting like that.” The deputy informed him of the man’s injury. The 26-year-old was apologetic and said he would have stopped if he knew the man was hurt so badly.

The deputy asked the suspect if he was familiar with the Skier Safety Act. The man said it means you have to ride in control and that the 28-year-old didn’t seem to have much control. The deputy asked the suspect if he knew that he was supposed to remain at the scene of the accident and give his information to an employee of the resort or mountain in this case. The man said no.

The 26-year-old was cited for failing to remain at the scene.

Illegal ATM withdrawal

On Jan. 17, the owner of the Route 6 Cafe in Avon reported that money was stolen from an ATM at the business.

He said his cook arrived that morning and found the automatic teller machine had been broken into. There were footprints along the side of the building and deck area, and a window was open.

The deputy noticed pry marks on the window frame.

The ATM report indicated that 18 $20 bills, totaling $360, were taken.

The machine is owned by a company in Aurora. The deputy spoke with a person at the company, who said it would cost about $2,000 to fix the machine. The person added that the company owns other private ATMs in Eagle County and the deputy should let those business owners know what happened.

Flashy driver

On Jan. 21, a deputy saw a car traveling 45 to 50 mph in a 55 mph zone on eastbound Highway 6 near Wolcott. The car was flashing its hazard lights as it went along for several miles.

The deputy stopped the car to check on the driver’s welfare.

The driver said the car had bad alignment and thought it was better to drive with the hazard lights on. She said the car belonged to a friend and she had permission to use it.

The deputy asked the 24-year-old woman for her driver’s license and other information. The woman said her license was suspended. Her insurance card was also expired and she didn’t think the car was insured.

The car was impounded and the woman was cited for driving without a license and insurance.

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