Snowboarder showcases his musical talents in Vail Valley |

Snowboarder showcases his musical talents in Vail Valley

Allison Subranni
Vail Daily Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Vail DailyTrouble Andrew, who performs in the Vail Valley, started making music while recovering form a snowboarding injury

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado –When Trevor Andrew, who performs Saturday in the Vail Valley first stepped on a Burton board when he was 9 he knew that his future was pretty much set in stone, or so he thought.

It seems that Trevor Andrew (a.k.a. Trouble Andrew) has hit the jackpot of life. His snowboarding career in the 1998 and 2000 Winter Olympic Games, and the 2000 X Games gave him a chance to showcase his famous 13-foot McTwists on the half pipe. Now he’s the front man for the successful Burton-supported four-man band Trouble Andrew, whose musical influences include 80s rock, punk, ska and crunk.

“(Burton’s) been a huge supporter of the music since day one,” Andrew says. “Whatever event we were at they let me do my thing and showcase my art. There’s just so much art that lives within the [snowboarding] culture.”

After years of making snowboarding videos, Andrew tore his ACL and ended up sitting in his girlfriend’s apartment surrounded by musical instruments.

“I sat around and had nothing to do at all, and I kind of picked up my girlfriends equipment and started trying,” he says. “When I was doing it I had no intention to actually make a record.”

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But when Virgin Records took a listen they signed Andrew up to make his record, titled “Trouble Andrew, Remixed and Remastered.” an

“It was really just about fun, about relationships and love and partying,” he says.

Back when he was making videos, Andrew would pick his song before he filmed so he could think about matching his on-the-snow moves with the songs.

“I would sit there with the producer and basically edit songs into my boarding,” he says. “You are transferring a visual emotion to music, and music is all about that emotion.”

Though Andrew isn’t shy about his athletic talents, it wasn’t easy for him to get up and sing on stage.

“I was just really scared of performing because it was never my dream to create music and be up on stage,” he says. “It wasn’t about the show for me, it was about just killing time and staying creative because I was hurt and couldn’t snowboard.”

Now that he has his own music inspired by his boarding, Andrew is putting his music to video. His YouTube video, “Chase Money,” starts off showcasing his skateboarding talents and then enters a place where distinctively skateboarding-inspired graphics light up the walls. The music is clearly popular in the culture, as evidenced by the slew of parodies that his fans create for their own skateboarding and snowboarding videos.

His first album was all about showcasing the fun and partying side of boarding culture, so in his new album, titled “Dreams of a Troubled Man,” Andrew has decided to sing about the darker side.

“I think his new record is a reflection of my growth as a man, and it’s deeper,” he says. “The first one is my baby because it’s the first one, but this one has a lot of darker materials. The song called “Global Trouble” is about the environment and just how thinks are getting kind of rough and everyone’s gotta wake up and take responsibility, including myself.”

This album will drop in June, but he plans to perform the songs at Agave Saturday night.

As for his favorite places to ride, he sites Whistler and Japan. Like a true boarder, he just loves to ride anywhere that it’s sunny and there’s fresh powder.

“I know Whistler backcountry so well that it would have to be my No. 1,” he says.

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