So-called red water spews from Alamosa taps |

So-called red water spews from Alamosa taps

Associated Press
Alamosa, CO Colorado

ALAMOSA, Colorado ” Chemicals now used to treat Alamosa, Colorado’s water are being blamed for reddish water spewing from faucets, mainly in the older parts of town.

Alamosa city officials said chemicals added to the water are reacting with cast iron pipes, some as old as 100 years. The reaction releases reddish iron and manganese.

City officials in a statement Friday said the incidents don’t pose a health threat but they worry the sediments could clog aerators and discolor items washed in the water. Officials say the problem will go away as they replace the old pipe and flush the system.

A salmonella outbreak that began last March sickened more than 400 people. The city began treating its water last year to prevent such outbreaks and remove arsenic.

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