So many weeks, so little June |

So many weeks, so little June

Scott N. Miller
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AVON – It’s hard to find a week that some group hasn’t seized as its own to commemorate or educate.The “always wear a helmet” set has commandeered June as “National Safety Month,” dedicated to injury prevention on the road and at home. Outdoorsy types have grabbed June 4-12 as National Fishing and Boating Week. What, just a week?

And folks whose motivations are a bit less clear are trying to raise consciousness, but little else, during the observation of Celibacy Awareness Month.But how successful are any of these groups at actually grabbing the public’s attention?To find out, we spent some time outside the entrance to the Avon Home Depot store on Memorial Day, a day that for many begins what has become “Didn’t I just clean the gutters?” week.

“I was just thinking yesterday that most people think about Memorial Day as a day to catch up on housework,” said Michelle Gunree.Looking over a list of some of the commemorative weeks in June, Gunree was drawn to National Hug Week, which is celebrated – at least by a touchy-feely few – in the United Kingdom.”We don’t hug enough,” she said.

Among the homegrown weeks, Gunree was most drawn to National Environmental Awareness Week, which is set for June 1-8. Most of the folks interviewed liked the idea of Environmental Awareness Week. “I think it should be for a year, not just a week,” said Fiona Bridges.Leisure was more on the mind of Bridges’ husband, Scott, who seemed intrigued by National Fishing and Boating Week.And while backers of various commemorative weeks probably don’t intend to offend, Fiona Bridges said some weeks could set people on edge. “National Hug Week, that’s intruding on personal space,” she said. “And celibacy? That’s very personal.”

Of the English weeks, National Poop Scoop week seemed the most popular.”We could sure have a poop scoop week in Red Cliff. It seems like there’s a lot on the roads when we’re walking,” Julie Redinger said.”A couple of my neighbors could use that one,” Jim Price added.

“We have two dogs,” said Betsy White, “so we know a lot about that.”White’s husband, Ned, said at least some locals could probably benefit from materials printed up for Lightning Safety Awareness Week.”There were guys on the golf course at Eagle-Vail (Sunday),” White said. “The lightning was right over the course and they just kept right on playing.”

Aside from those few, none of the weeks really resonated with those interviewed.”I think Hallmark (cards) makes up a lot of them,” Gunree said. And backers of Medgar Evers Remembrance Week apparently have some work to do to honor the memory of the civil rights leader assassinated in the early 1960s. Evers’ name didn’t ring a bell with anyone.

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