So much for for ‘quaint’ |

So much for for ‘quaint’

Don Rogers

Can this be right? Minturn residents who have so ardently defended their quaint lifestyle in overpriced bungalows and crumbling sidewalks left over from the mining era now sound as if they can’t wait for the forest up yonder to double the size of town with a giant gated community, golf course and maybe even a ski resort?If it weren’t so pathetic, it would be funny to point out the inherent hypocrisy in a town that fashions itself as that lone curmudgeonly holdout against the dolling up of the rest of the Vail Valley. These folks can’t wait to sell out. A relatively quiet RV park and campground where an informal dump now exists is the very epitome of their town’s ruination. But filling Battle Mountain with little castles, no problem? Looks more like a community of rubes than that last bastion of self-styled “real” people. Daddy Warbucks has come to town with the promise of gold, so the hell with the forest and forget the smug remarks about those stuck-up Vail people, keeping traffic down, and all that other hometowney gibberish. Right?Minturn has pushed itself down the path of annexing these 6,000 acres right up to Red Cliff’s doorstep in hopes that their new benefactor will bestow gifts atop property tax in exchange for doing everything the good townsfolk used to say they were dead set against.If Minturn passed on this annexation opportunity, why that evil county would be the controlling agency for the grand plan. Chances are the developer would be left no better than building on 35-acre parcels, hardly worth his time and expense. Gee, what a shame that would be. By the way, is there a more fitting place for open space protection than this? How ironic: Full steam to crap up a forest while we’re saving a gravel pit. These are strange days indeed. Vail, Colorado

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