Sofia, Jacob top Vail baby names in 2005 |

Sofia, Jacob top Vail baby names in 2005

VAIL The Vail hospital has seen the future, and it is named Sofia and Jake. Those were the top names for babies born at Vail Valley Medical Center last year.Nine girls were named Sofia or Sophie last year, which gave it the top spot, said Sarah Ladd, spokeswoman for the Vail Valley Medical Center. Olivia got second place among girls with six babies and Emily was in third place with four baby girls.For boys, the most popular name was Jacob or Jake, the name for eight baby boys. The next-most popular names were Angel and Jose the names for seven babies each.Last year, 668 babies were born at the hospital. The medical center doesnt have statistics on boy-girl breakdown, Ladd said.The girl names mirrored national trends. Sophia, Olivia, Emily and Jake all appeared in the nationwide top 10. Across the U.S., Emma was the most popular name for girls, and Aidan was the most popular for boys.In Vail, there were five babies named Aidan or Aiden, but none named Emma.Staff Writer Edward Stoner can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 14623, or, Colorado

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