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Soft-core liberalism

Terry Quinn

I did a letter about liberal bias in the media. Dennis Jones replied that this is “a myth.” He cited PBS’s “News Hour With Jim Lehrer” as an example of unbiased journalism.

This show is not the most extreme example of what I was talking about. But it does peddle a soft-core liberal line a lot ot the time. What about the rest of the news shows – like National Public Radio?

Space does not permit an extended treatment of the subject here. Those who want to explore it in depth can check out the books I cited in my previous letter; or access the website of Media Research Center. You can find it by typing that name in a search engine like Google.

I suppose Dennis Jones would also deny that there is a liberal tilt on most college campuses. This came to mind when I read today’s (Friday) Rocky Mountain News. The Op-Ed page has a column by Mike Rosen about this subject. If you missed it, you can retrieve it on the Web site, Go to Opinion, and then Columnists. Click on this article after Rosen’s bio. Any comments, Dennis?

For more details about liberal bias on campus, check out the Web site of Accuracy In Academia at


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