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Softer than you think

Kate Sullivan
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A good night’s sleep equals a good next day. With so many bedding choices, the key to your sound slumber might be in your choice of sheets. Forget traditional. Forgo silk. Move over cotton. It’s time for bamboo to beam.

Why are bamboo sheets making waves in the bedding world? The benefits of bamboo-based bedding range from personal well-being to environmentally kind. Born from the quest to find sheets that kill those bed-loving bacteria that microscopically plague every household, bamboo emerged as a natural leader.

“Without chemical assistance, bamboo, like all wood products, naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria,” according to an industry leader, Mary Beth Byington of Atlanta-based Home Source International Inc.

Be kind to the environment while being kind to your body. Bamboo grows easily and in abundance without a great deal maintenance. Unlike cotton, which requires chemical assistance and many hands to produce blossoms, bamboo needs no chemical boost. Much like a weed, bamboo continues to pop up in many parts of the world making this an even more environmentally friendly option.

“Bamboo has a lot of positive properties,” said Renata Rusinova, owner of Renata’s Linens in Edwards. “People just don’t get it, how you can eat it and at the same time have it for furniture and for bedding.”

Comfort comes first when picking out bedding. With bamboo sheets, forget only being cool and dry in the winter months. The naturally moisture absorbing bamboo blend keeps anyone with a tendency to overheat in the nighttime hours in the comfort zone. Bamboo sheets are a best-kept secret among menopausal women.

“Because of the structure of the bamboo when it’s woven into the linen, it soaks up moisture and evaporates it incredibly well,” said Rusinova. “It’s also a temperature regulator: It will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.”

Wood doesn’t jump out as the most comforting product of nature, but with bamboo-blended sheets, the results are anything but full of pulp. “Simply put, my sheets feel amazing,” said Byington. “They feel as soft as silk or satin sheets but without the flimsy feel.”

Rusinova agreed. “With these sheets, the more wear the better. Much like your favorite T-shirt with each washing, the bamboo sheets soften. Sheets made out of 100 percent bamboo feel like silk, it drapes really nicely,” she said.

No special treatment needed here. Like cotton sheets, bamboo sheets are washer/dryer friendly and don’t need any ironing. You won’t wash out the natural germ killing abilities either. Ingrained in the thread, the benefits of bamboo last as long as the sheets last.

Non-organic cotton requires about one pound of chemicals to produce one pound of fiber. About 13 percent of the world’s agricultural fields are planted with cotton and about 25 percent of the world’s agricultural chemicals are used to produce that cotton.

When tested, bamboo sheets kill 90 percent of the bacteria within one hour and no more than 0.5 percent survive after 24 hours.

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