Solar panels may cover airport Eagle County parking |

Solar panels may cover airport Eagle County parking

Who talked: Adam Palmer of the Eagle County Planning Department and Tom Johnson, facilities management director for Eagle County.

What they said: Last week, the Holy Cross Board unanimously supported an agreement to buy 20 years’ worth of energy and renewable energy credits generated by a solar project proposed at the Eagle County Regional Airport in Gypsum. The 1-megawatt system would cover some of the parking at the airport with solar panels.

The county would get covered parking at no cost, while the energy would go into the grid and be distributed by Holy Cross. The county would allow Holy Cross to use the property under a “use-lease” agreement.

Approvals from the town of Gypsum and the Federal Aviation Administration would also be needed.

What’s next: The commissioners asked for more information and a site plan.

Who talked: Officials from the Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District and Davis Partnership Architects, a firm that is working on the project.

What they said: Plans were presented for new ball fields at the Eagle fairgrounds. Eagle County recently signed a $3.925 million agreement with LaFarge under which the fields would be relocated in exchange for the right to mine the gravel under the existing fields.

The new complex would include a large, multi-use, synthetic turf field as well as a 300-foot “championship” baseball diamond. The complex would be built slightly southwest of the location of the current fields. The new complex would also have 375 parking spaces, bleachers, dugouts, a playground, a picnic area and a multi-purpose building. There is also an opportunity to build an additional field at the new site.

LaFarge would not be able to begin mining under the old ball fields until the new ones are completed.

What’s next? The plan will continue through the design process.

Who talked: Director of Transportation Harry N. Taylor and Assistant Director of Transportation Kelley Collier.

What they said: Over the past 11-12 years, ECO Transit has received about $6.87 million in federal awards for capital purchases. The agency is again pursuing grants for the upcoming year.

For the first time, ECO Transit may receive $250,000 in operating dollars through a Public Transportation for Rural Areas application. Also, ECO Transit has submitted a request to study feeder/circulator service in Gypsum, Eagle and Edwards through a federal grant. In addition, the agency is applying for the purchase of GPS equipment under the Public Transportation for Rural Area Capital Program.

As a member of the Colorado Transit Coalition, ECO Transit also is seeking funding for bus replacements in 2011 under a statewide request for a Federal Transit Administration capital improvement grant. Over the years, ECO Transit received $5 million from this program.

Present: Sara Fisher, Peter Runyon

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