Solar rebates renewed for Eagle County homeowners |

Solar rebates renewed for Eagle County homeowners

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Eagle County, CO Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado “-Residents of Eagle County, Colorado will continue to get help installing solar-power systems in their homes in 2009.

Eagle County has renewed a rebate program that provides a $2 per watt incentive for photovoltaic (electricity-generating) systems or 50 percent of the cost of a solar thermal (hot water-generating) system, up to $4,000 per household.

Since April, 22 systems have been installed and now supply over 60 kilowatts of local renewable energy. The county expects that figure to total over 100 kilowatts by year’s end.

“Programs like this retain thousands of dollars in our economy and produce local green-collar jobs,” said Commissioner Peter Runyon.

For deed-restricted affordable housing and low-income homes, the county incentive is increased to $3 per watt, up to $6,000 per household.

When combined with Holy Cross Energy’s $2 per watt incentive and federal tax credits, the cost of solar systems are reduced considerably. For example, a 2-kilowatt solar system that meets around 50 percent of the electricity needs of an average home may cost around $16,000. Subtract $4,000 for Eagle County’s rebate, $4,000 for Holy Cross’s rebate, and $2,000 in Federal tax credits and the total is reduced to $6,000.

At today’s electricity costs, the system will generate an estimated $330 worth of electricity per year. Calculating a 5 percent electricity price increase per year, the system pays for itself in 13 years.

“While we recommend conservation measures like compact fluorescent bulbs, efficient appliances, improving insulation and sealing leaks as a first step, there has never been a better time to take the next step and invest in solar power for your home,” says Eagle County Green Building Specialist Adam Palmer.

Any new or existing home in Eagle County is eligible for the rebates. For additional information, go to or call (970)328-8734.

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