Some angry at sports column in Vail Daily |

Some angry at sports column in Vail Daily

Vail Daily Staff
Vail, CO, Colorado

Some angry at sports column

Editor’s note: If anyone ever doubted whether adolescents read the Vail Daily en masse, we have further proof besides papers disappearing from the school boxes this quick. Here are some letters written in response to a column by Sports Editor Chris Freud, whose humor was misinterpreted by many readers.

If you read his entire column carefully, we think you’d understand what he was really trying to say. But not everyone reads newspaper columns as carefully and completely as the authors might wish.

Freud meant not to insult, but to be humorous, always tricky stuff. He and we apologize to everyone who took offense. We realize the intent did not translate to many readers as we all would have liked.

The editor’s own children went through the Eagle Valley schools, from elementary to high school, and he has a daughter currently at Eagle Valley High School. It’s the same story for several Vail Daily and Eagle Valley Enterprise staffers. We love our kids. Never doubt that.

Crossed a line

Slander, defaming and just plain rudeness is all we got out of the column “And the great Satan strikes again in the valley.” Motivational speeches don’t attack people, let alone students just shy of 18 years old. …

Being that this is a tourist town, anyone could pick up the paper and would take the story literally.

Shaylynn Nielsen, Dashia Jones, Angela Phillips

That wasn’t funny

After reading the article “And the great Satan strikes again in the valley” wasn’t in the least bit humorous. Chris Freud took his opinions too far. Last we heard, a motivational speaker would inspire you to do your best. You seem to be mistaken. Bashing Eagle Valley High School and defaming current and former students is unethical. You may have good intentions, but you could have approached them in a different way.

Alex Wolf (senior); Santana Jaramillo (senior); Jordan George (senior) Eagle Valley High School Journalism Students

Don’t bash us

In regards to the article, “And the great Satan strikes again in the valley,” Sports Editor Chris Freud stepped over the line.

It is one thing to bash Eagle Valley as a whole, but when you start insulting individual students, that is completely uncalled for.

First of all, you cannot go around slighting people in print. It is completely unethical. Not only is it offensive, it can destroy a person’s image. Secondly, the article previously mentioned does not follow one of the most important rules in journalism. If you criticize someone, you have to allow that person to respond in the same story.

And finally, ethical journalism does not mislead the public. These blatant attacks on Cesar Castillo, Zach Ramsey and Cory Zehring are not motivational, they are slanderous.

Devanie Burnett Eagle Valley High School student

You call that motivational?

As involved students attending Eagle Valley High School, we have found the article “And the great Satan strikes again in the valley” to be completely inappropriate and entirely irresponsible for a professional journalist to publish. Attacking local teens who are still legally considered kids and who also put an incredible amount of effort into every aspect of their lives was an immature act all around.

Despite any intentions Chris Freud may have had in writing this alleged “motivational” article, bashing local high school heroes such as Zach Ramsey, Cesar Castillo and, above all Cory Zehring (who no longer even attends our school), was completely irrelevant and showed none of the good morals and ethics our entire community has strived to instill in us for our entire lives.

Not only was the article politically incorrect and hurtful towards Eagle Valley, but it also included numerous unethical elements, as we have learned in our journalism class here at Eagle Valley High School. Furthermore, why is it that Eagle Valley is the only high school to be continuously attacked by certain writers while there are multiple schools throughout the community and way more important topics to discuss?

Jessica Dondero and Jessica Trujillo Sophomores, Eagle Valley High School

Mad at Freud

When it comes to ethical journalism, hiring someone like Chris Freud is grounds for aggravating many readers, especially when those readers are teenagers whose high school was flamed by his article.

And it wasn’t just the school: he targeted specific players and insulted each one. Calling Cesar Castillo an “awful soccer player” in a basketball column is not only ignorant, but offensive. Not to mention defaming Cory Zehring, who graduated three years ago. That has absolutely no relevance to the article whatsoever. Chris Freud, you can’t report, and upon further review, you’re an awful motivational speaker. Your success is a fluke, and you don’t know jack about ethical journalism. To the team at Vail Daily, condoning this article has disappointed the community that supports Eagle Valley.

Peter Cirkovic

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