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Some carrot

To quote Sen. Cornyn and the proposed guest worker program, he called the Social Security fund “a carrot” that would discourage workers from staying in the country illegally after completing the maximum three years.

What if they don’t return and slip between the cracks? To quote Mark Krikorian, director of immigration studies in Washington, D.C., written to me today: “The fact is the administration has no specific idea how it would secure the borders and generally enforce the law in the event of a guest worker program. They don’t want to enforce the law now, and there’s just no way they would be prepared to do what it takes to make a guest worker program work.”

Also worth noting, the proposal makes NO exclusions for citizenship babies, if they are born here during an parents work time, nor does it exclude any taxpaid welfare benefits, WIC, free/reduced school lunches, etc., for the workers.

As we never found the 60 of the 100 illegal aliens who were working at DIA this spring with false identification, and we just arrested 27 out of the 44 illegal aliens with fake IDs, Social Security cards and security passes at the Air Force Academy recently, do we really believe that we can track the imported workers and trust their identification for the guest worker program and enforce our homeland security as well? Aren’t airports and defense bases top priority in homeland security? Because it hasn’t worked out too well there. They aren’t secured at all.

One final note, unemployment is at an all-time high, and the myth that illegal workers do work that no one else wants is just that, a myth.

Marty Lich


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