Some Eagle County projects delayed |

Some Eagle County projects delayed

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” Eagle County, Colorado is delaying some capital projects the commissioners already approved because of declining sales tax revenue.

County sales tax revenue was down 24 percent in January compared to the previous year ” a drop that prompted the commissioners to make adjustments to the sales-tax-funded capital projects budget.

“The sooner we make adjustments the smaller the adjustments have to be,” Commissioner Peter Runyon said.

About $4 million in spending was OK’d earlier this year and another $1 million in spending was carried forward from the previous year. County Facilities Director Tom Johnson found about $1 million in savings on the list in case sales tax revenue continues to remain low.

The biggest savings, $400,000, will come from delaying work on the Eagle River park.

“When that money was originally put in it was to just start making physical improvements to the park at the east end,” Johnson said. “We didn’t have a definite project set for this, it was for general improvements to the park. It was pretty easy to defer that.”

About $250,000 of the money will be saved from projects that will be finished under budget, John said.

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