Some ghoulish reads |

Some ghoulish reads

Terri Schlichenmeyer

Got candy?

Let’s hope so, because soon you’re going to have little goblins knocking on your door. After you’ve treated them, why not treat yourself to some ghoulishly good fun? Get in the mood for Halloween with a few good books.

Remember those cheesy movies from the ’50s, where the Mummy was a guy who looked like he was a refugee from a gauze factory? Those old movie directors never met Ron Beckett and Jerry Conlogue. In their book, “Mummy Dearest” (The Lyons Press), you’ll meet two guys who travel around the world in a converted potato chip truck to solve the mysteries that real-life mummies hold secret. If you’ve seen these guys on TV, you know that what they do is dead serious, but they have a frighteningly good time doing their work. The pictures in this book are really pretty creepy (you won’t want to look, but you’ll have to), and the authors’ science-mixed-with-humor makes it dreadfully great fun.

Ghost House Books has two new books out for your terrifying enjoyment. Look for “Famous People of the Paranormal” by Chris Wangler, a book about clairvoyants and clairvoyant wannabes. Some of the names in here will be familiar to students of the weird; others are mere psychic poseurs. Also from Ghost House Books, pick up a copy of “Ghost Hunters of America” by Dan Asfar. This is more than just a book about people who seek spirits; it’s also a book full of ghoulish stories. Ghost House Books has lots of scary books in their line-up, so check around to find the one that best raises the hair on the back of your neck.

Lastly, if you dare to go out on Halloween night, take “Encyclopedia of Haunted Places” by The World’s Leading Paranormal Investigators, compiled and edited by Jeff Belanger (New Page Books) with you. Indexed regionally and state-by-state, this book will tell you where to go to get good and scared. Each locale has a story behind it, written by an investigator who has actually experienced the hauntings, and there are websites and phone numbers so you can arrange your own haunting hunting.

That is, if you dare.

So after the little goblins have gone home for the night to sift through their stash, grab one of these great books, lock the door, hunker down with a flashlight and enjoy! Happy Howl-o-Ween!

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